Flying Scot – Fleet 206

The Flying Scot is a “one-design” raced internationally with over 50 fleets in the USA. Spinnaker ready and fast!

The Flying Scot was designed by one of the most prolific and famous small-boat racers of all time: Gordon K. “Sandy” Douglass. He gave the Scot a unique blend of performance and comfort.

The high boom, wide side-decks and deep cockpit create an armchair comfort usually reserved for the big keel boats. The Scot’s nimble handling and planing hull, however, provide the close-to-the-water thrill of a small boat. Tiller steering transmits the “feel” of the set, and she can tack on a dime: hallmarks of great racing daysailers. The Scot has an excellent sail area-to-weight ratio, which makes her sensitive in light winds, and blast off the line in medium to heavy winds. Most fleets race the Flying Scot with spinnaker for amazing downwind performance. And she’s tough; no worries about bumping rails at the mark!

Flying Scot Sailing Association Website

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