As of May 30, 2020
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Club Series Races

Each monthly series will have at least three weekend days of racing, with 3-4 races every Saturday with one series for Sunfish and one series for Flying Scot/Open fleet. In case of unfavorable conditions, series races may be postponed to the immediately following Sunday. Low point scoring is used (1 = 1st, 2 = 2nd, etc.) with throw-outs used as follows: 6 total races = 1 throw-out, 9 races = 2 throw-outs, 12 races = 3 throw-outs. This schedule may be adjusted during the season, and changes will be reflected here.

Sunfish & Open Fleet Warm-ups: Saturday May 30 12:00 pm
Sunfish Series June: Every Saturday
Sunfish Series July: Every Saturday (exc. 7/4 McConnell Cup)
Sunfish Series August: Every Saturday
Flying Scot/Open Fleet Series June: Every Saturday
Flying Scot/Open Fleet Series July: Every Saturday (exc. 7/4 Bennett Cup)
Flying Scot/Open Fleet Series August: Every Saturday (exc. 8/29-30 = Invitational)

Start times for club series:
Sunfish: Skippers meeting at 12 noon; first race starts at 1:00 pm.
Flying Scot/Open Fleet: Skippers meeting at 12 noon; first race starts at 1:06 pm. (6 minutes after start of Sunfish heat.)

Club Regattas

Norman Bennett Cup (Open Fleet): July 4 (Sat)
McConnell Cup (Sunfish Fleet 200): July 4 (Sat)
Hobie Fall Classic: Sep 26 & 27
Commodore’s Cup (Sunfish Fleet 200): Sep 5 (Sat)
Granville Tubman (Open Fleet): Sep 5 (Sat)

NOTES Club Regattas:

  1. Regattas for Sunfish, Flying Scots and Open fleets each have 3-5 races (conditions permitting). Skippers’ Meeting 12pm, first start 1pm, all boats & all abilities encouraged to participate.  Participants must comply with club Covid19 restrictions (see Alert on site home page)
  2. On Pursuit Race Dates (see dates, below), the fleet will be sticking around after sailing and firing up the grill for a Bring Your Own Barbeque social (subject to phase 3 declaration).  All sailors are welcome to join in. For more details email Bill Colgan at:

Special Events:

All members are encouraged to participate (great opportunity for all members to socialize; BYOB).

Sail the Bay (Pursuit Race) June 20, July 18 & August 8

This is a casual event that follows 6 or 7 legs across a course a that will take sailors to different points from the north end to south end of Rehoboth Bay and back again. The event is open to all types of sailboats and abilities. Boats will be loosely organized into several ‘fleets’ based on their speed rating. Start times for each fleet will be staggered, starting with the slowest boats first and ending with the fastest boats last. The first boat to finish in each ‘fleet’ wins first place for that fleet. Rules will be kept simple and competition will be light hearted.

Good Time Races (Open to all members) Every Tuesday July and August

This event is sponsored by Fleet 206 Flying Scots and is open to anyone including those members who would like to try racing. Have some fun and hone your sailing skills as well as the opportunity to meet other members on the water and afterwards for refreshments (BYO). Rules will be kept simple and competition will be light hearted. Skippers’ meeting at 3:00 pm.

Hobie College (Open to All Members) TBA

Fleet members will make themselves available to instruct catamaran sailors. All levels of instruction will be available from beginners to advanced sailing including both recreational sailing and racing. Beginning at noon we will meet on the deck to find out what levels of instruction attendees need. We will start with chalk talks and move into on the water instructions commensurate with the needs of the attendees.

Invitational Regattas

Sunfish Mid Atlantic Regional: (Tentative) Sep 19-20
Inland 20 (Scows) Invitational: Aug 15-16
Flying Scot: Cancelled
Albacore North American Championship: TBA

Sailing School

Junior Sailing School (Weekdays 9-11:45) Cancelled
Private Lessons (Weekdays & weekends) Suspended


Dinner Parties at the clubhouse.

Appetizers at 5:45 pm and Dinner at 6 pm; Look for flyers under special announcements on the Home page of RBSA.ORG

Memorial Day Weekend: Cancelled
July 4th Weekend: Cancelled
Anniversary Party: (Tentative) Sat Aug 8
Labor Day Weekend: (Tentative) Sat Sep 5
Annual RBSA Banquet & Awards Dinner: TBA

Town Hall Meetings

New for 2019. Meet with RBSA leadership to promote the exchange of ideas and suggestions for various programs and services offered or to be offered by the club. This is also an opportunity to get better acquainted with your fellow club members. Open to all classes of membership.

Spring Town Hall Look for Zoom Meeting Invite
Late Summer Town Hall
(Combined with Annual Member Meeting, following elections)
Sept 6

Meet & Greet Mixers

Opportunity to meet with other members as well a RBSA staff on selected Saturday mornings for about an hour, starting at 10:00 am. These informal gatherings may also include guest speakers to share their expertise on array of topics that may be of interest especially newcomers. Light refreshments provided or bring a mug of you own brew.

Saturday July 18
Saturday August 15

Open House

The general public is invited to visit and learn about RBSA facilities. Members will be on hand to answer questions, explain various programs, boat rentals and sailing school as well as various membership options.  (Date is tentative, subject to phase 3 declaration)

Open House June 27, 10 to 3pm

Work Parties

Help us keep our facilities in good repair as well as looking good. Join us for a few hours of light work on scheduled Saturdays followed by pizza at lunch. This is a great opportunity to help the club as well as the camaraderie and bad jokes of your fellow members and friends of RBSA.

Spring Cleanup: May 30
Spring Cleanup: TBA
Fall Cleanup: TBA
Fall Cleanup: TBA


Board Meetings

February Sat Feb 8
March Sat Mar 21   Cancelled
April Sat Apr 25   Cancelled
May Sat May 16  Cancelled
September Sun Sept 6 (Follows annual member meeting/trustee elections)
October Oct 3
November Nov 7 (New Board; officers elected)

Member Meetings

Annual Member Meeting and Elections Sun Sept 6


RBSA Opens to the Public To be announced
RBSA Closes to the Public Mon Sept 7, at 5 pm